Benefits of Digital Printing with Flexible Pack

HP Indigo

As the supply chain around the world has been at a halt, it gets customers thinking, what can we do to reduce lead times to get our printed products? The answer is to switch to digital printing.

Digital Printing is a modern method of producing prints from electronic files. All you need is for your project to be created on a computer and then it is printed directly on your specific material. Digital Printing is an alternative to screen printing which takes away ‘old school’, conventional printing, which is more time-consuming and expensive to a quick and affordable method. At Flexible Pack, we have a family of 4 HP Indigo Machines which allows us to have quick turnarounds, so our customers meet their deadlines and stay within their budget.



How does Digital Printing work?

Once you speak to one of our customer service representatives and they agree that digital printing is the best printing method for your project, you would send your project files in either PDF, TIFF, JPEG or other digital formats. Unlike screen printing or other conventional printing methods, there is no pre-press stage or equipment preparation for the printing of digital documents, unless edits need to be made to the file. Your CSR will always communicate with you directly if anything needs to be adjusted and nothing will be printed until you approve the proof.


What Products can I get Printed Digitally?

At Flexible Pack, all our products can be digitally printed! Some products to highlight are our labels, pouches, shrink sleeves, menus, stickers, tent cards, business cards, scratch tickets, keg collars, and basically anything and everything you need to be printed for your company! Flexible Pack is your one-stop printer for all your printing needs!


Why Digital Printing?

Digital Printing is cost-effective, high quality, has quick turn-around, variable data, and is great for short or long runs.


  • Cost-Effective: Each project will be printed on one of our HP Indigos which means you will not need to pay for additional labor nor machine equipment.
  • High Quality: The precise quality graphics are unbeatable on the HP Indigo printers. The quality and consistency of digitally printed projects is unparalleled. The first item printed will be the exact same quality as the last one printed.
  • Quick Turn-around: Getting your project done via digital printing requires fewer steps which means you will get it sooner!
  • Variable Data: The HP Indigo has the capability of variable data which prints products with different images, serial numbers, or IDs in one run! This fully customizable ability is advantageous for those who want a fully personalized product.
  • Short or Long Runs: Whatever your project may be, whether big or small, digital printing can get it done!

Our responsive and dedicated customer service representatives are ready to collaborate and consult with you, answer any questions you may have, and provide valuable knowledge to you so that you may achieve your graphic solutions goals.

It is our pleasure to discuss any specific questions just by calling toll free 1-833.FLX.PACK.


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