Let’s get crazy! Thinking outside the box will improve shelf appeal for your craft beer.

How can you sell more brew? The unlimited capabilities of digital printing can improve your brewery’s presence in a competitive market.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Whether you’re the sales director or brewmaster of a microbrewery, brewpub, or macro brewery, you know competition is fierce. You need an edge to get ahead, and here it is:

 Beer bottles with shrink sleeves and labels lined up along a bar top

Explore the fast-turn, high-quality options of the latest digital printing technology. What’s more, unlimited capabilities will WOW buyers. Catch the consumer’s eye, and you’ll pump up sales!

This TIP SHEET provides practical tips, industry insights, and how-to-wow-them creative ideas for custom packaging and design using state-of-the-art digital printing.


CRAFT BEER SALES TIP SHEET: 5 ways digital printing helps to sell more of your distinctive brew


Tip #1: Labels for beer cans and bottles, growlers and crowlers

High-quality custom labels show off your brand at every turn: beer bottle labels, beer can labels, beer keg collars and wraps, and hang tags. Step up your look-and-feel with embossing, UV coating, or hot foil stamping. Want a sophisticated touch to stand above your competition? Faux finishes convey style, elegance, and luxury with the unique look of marble, gold, silver, or brushed metal.


Tip #2: The latest digital printing technology is your edge to get ahead

In the “battle of the shelf,” who would guess that printing equipment – the 6800 HP Indigo digital press, to be exact – would be your best weapon? Well, take your battle station and buckle in. This breakthrough technology offers exceptionally vibrant color, which directly translates to shelf appeal. Plus, this new digital printing press eliminates the need for plates and setup time, so you get light-speed turnaround on short runs and long runs.


Tip #3: A new, creative packaging solution: shrink sleeves

With 360-degree graphics, shrink sleeves offer more “real estate” to grab attention and enhance shelf appeal. This practical packaging solution for beer cans and beer bottles is vibrant, engaging, and offers plenty of room to tell your brand story.


Tip #4: WOW them with Mosaic technology

Hold on tight to your pint! Here’s a crazy, amazing way let your creative juices flow – and dazzle consumers! With Mosaic: The Unlimited Design Generator you get a 100% unique design on every single beer can label, beer bottle label, hang tag, keg collar, keg wrap, and shrink sleeve. Here’s how it works: Select or create one “seed” design. We’ll convert your initial design into an unlimited number of different designs. Every version is created from that “seed” – you can get thousands of designs and each one is unique! Remember, consumers love to collect one-of-a-kind items, especially if it’s their favorite libation!


Tip #5: Rely on our Design Studio for a home run, every time

If your brewery doesn’t have a designer on staff, no worries. Instead of risking your brand’s identity with an untested designer (whether local or offshore), you can get fresh ideas – and professional designs – from Flexible Pack’s Design Studio. For example, you may have 4 different styles of beer; each label design must sport its own vibrant personality while remaining on brand.


Competition is fierce. You need an edge to get ahead.

Look to the unlimited capabilities of digital printing to sell more of your distinctive brew.

The fast-turn, high-quality options of the latest digital printing technology will catch your consumer’s eye. This is the edge you need to increase shelf appeal, best your competition, and pump up sales!


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