Packaging it up: Using your design to appeal and break traditional standards

Today, there are enough wine options to satisfy almost every American. That is a lot of Vino! 

Flexible Pack_Wine_Branding_labels_marketing_blog_social mediaBut with an overabundance of options available to consumers, it can be easy for the latest blend to get lost on the shelf and never get a chance to breathe. To stand out in an already over-crowded wine market, manufacturers must have a distinctive label design.

How can the personality of a winery be reflected through new labels and innovative technology?

Label design is a key factor that drives a consumer to purchase a bottle of the latest Cabernet.  Many wine consumers claim to pick their wine only after they're in the store perusing the shelf, meaning shelf advertising is paramount for wine products. Flexible Pack offers solutions that can make your wine product packaging as unique as your blend.

When you partner with our team of talented designers we can:

  • Create a vibrant and eye-catching label
  • Design a unique shrink sleeve that brings bold color and 360 coverage to your product
  • Allow you to serve your clients outside of the "box" with our one-of-a-kind flexible pouches


Our design team utilizes the sophisticated design technology from HP called Mosaic: The Unlimited Design Generator. This innovative software allows us to use one design for a multitude of variations, giving you an unlimited set of related graphics. We do this all while maintaining the integrity of your brand, but also making each package an original work of art.  

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When tradition and new technology meet. What are the latest trends?

Whether you're creating a design for a new product or grappling with the task of a redesign, there are questions you should ask along the way. The first, does my design grab the attention of consumers?  Here's the thing, on a crowded shelf amidst hundreds of bottles of wine, a person can only consider the options they can see. If your label is lacking a stand out design, a consumer may glance right over it to another bottle with a more attention-grabbing label.  

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Next, you should ask yourself, does my label compel the customer to buy once they notice it? This element is a crucial piece for wine manufacturers to understand.  To do so, it's helpful for brand managers to examine market data, such as what parts of the label did consumers like and led them to purchase the bottle. If you're struggling with tradition, but want a standout label, try combining the two.  Our Mosaic: The Unlimited Design Generator can take a traditional design and add a bold, exciting aspect to it.  The possibilities are endless once the creative juices start to flow!


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What to decide for an old famous wine brand?

To stay relevant in today's marketplace, you have to be ready to change with consumer taste, and the wine industry is no different.  However, a package redesign can seem like a daunting task for many brand managers. Mainly because redesigns often fail to generate a noticeable impact on the brands' bottom line. This doesn't mean it's impossible for an established brand to launch a successful redesign, you just must know what best practices help deliver the positive outcomes.  Here are ways to help with a redesign of an established brand:

  • Invest in design The right label design will be on shelves for years, but the bottle itself will also take center stage to any other marketing efforts. The design is paramount. It pays to get it right.
  • Examine the current design performance If it's already a highly effective design, you may want to leave it alone. But if it is lacking, see if any elements are working, keep those and scrap the rest.
  • Explore all your options Don't be afraid to go in a completely different design direction.
  • Listen to the design experts and your consumers The experts are there to help you, especially designers. Be sure to value their opinion. Make sure you're also listening to the consumer. Don't get your feelings hurt if a test group doesn't like your design, try again and incorporate their feedback.


Flexible Pack can elevate your redesign and grab the attention of new consumers without jeopardizing your brand awareness. Branding is essential but sometimes a modern twist can surprisingly help your brand to win at the shelf.

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