Pressure-Sensitive Labels


When you are shopping at your local grocery store and looking at a product label, there is a strong chance that it is a pressure-sensitive label. This highly versatile label solution is seen on products in all types of industries including food, beverage, health, beauty, home, garden, nutraceutical, medical, and more!

What are pressure-sensitive labels?

Pressure-sensitive labels are high-tech self-adhesive sticker that do not require heat, solvent or water to activate. They can be applied to any container, bottle, or packaging using light or moderate pressure.

How are pressure-sensitive labels made?

Pressure-sensitive labels are made up of four layers: release liner, adhesive, face-stock, and topcoat/laminate. When the label is manufactured on either or HP indigo or Flexographic printers, these four components are “sandwiched” together to create a label material that can be printed on, laminated, die-cut, and peeled off to be applied to your product.

They can be used with most any material from glass bottles, to PET, to metal auto body parts. Pressure-sensitive labels can have different kinds of adhesives so customers can decide whether they want their label to be permanent or removable.


What are the benefits of pressure-sensitive labels?

Benefits of pressure-sensitive labels:

  • Simple to apply either by hand or machine
  • High efficiency and glue-free labeling
  • Unlimited color combinations
  • Add a visual appeal to the product with their ability to be printed on high quality materials
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be printed for any size bottle, can, container, or package
  • Many finishing options including gloss and matte varnishes, gold or silver foils, and embossing
  • Resistant to sunlight, chemical exposure, hot or cold temperatures, and moisture.
  • Up to 15% higher operating efficiency
  • 100% sustainable

Do you need a sustainable pressure-sensitive label?

We know that for many customers, keeping our planet clean is a top priority! We want to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserve our natural resources, and prevent pollution from non-recyclable products.


According to Asia Pulp & Paper’s (APP) Paper & Packaging Consumer Trends Report, consumers consider sustainability “among the most important factors when determining their spending habits.”  The report states that three in five adults (61%) would be willing to pay more for food products packaged with sustainable materials, with 35% saying they would be open to paying up to 10% more.


Now at Flexible Pack we offer a sustainable pressure-sustainable label that allows your PET container to be 100% recyclable with a wash-off adhesive. After your product is recycled, the adhesive separates from the PET flake, which allows the rPET to be collected and go through the rest of the recycling process.


Ready to start? Our team can help you create the best label for your specific product. Want your product to be “green”? Mention to our team that you want sustainable packaging! Contact us today for a free quote!