Have You Considered Shrink Sleeves for Your Beer Can?


When you walk into a liquor store and go towards the craft beer section, you usually see an array of beer cans with colorful labels. Then you think to yourself, which new beer am I going to try today? You keep looking, pick up a can, then look at the label for any content that can tell you about the brand and the taste of the beer. That label with the content is what is going to help you decide what beer you choose. So as a brewery why not try a shrink sleeve that has more real estate on the can than an average label?

What are Shrink Sleeves?

Like they sound, shrink sleeves are plastic sleeves that use heat to shrink and wrap around your bottle or can. With 360-degree graphics, shrink sleeves offer plenty of room to tell your product's story.


 What are the benefits of shrink sleeves during the aluminum can shortage?

 As aluminum cans become harder to find for brewers, Flexible Pack has a solution:

Do you have a surplus of printed cans? Now you can use shrink sleeves to cover the old, printed label with the new one. Our opaque shrink sleeves will easily allow full coverage of the printed can so your consumers will never know! Shrink sleeves can give you the flexibility to test a new design without large capital investment and inventory confinement.

Another benefit of shrink sleeves is that they are not affected by water or moisture since there is no adhesive behind the label. This makes it easier for transporting the beer from the brewhouse to the distributors.

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What working with Flexible Pack is like:

Teaming with our talented designers who are also experts in printing on plastic will keep you at ease knowing that we will only help you create the most creative shrink sleeve for your beer can. We’ll create an attractive, engaging design for your shrink sleeve that:

  • Offers a compelling design that tells your brand story and enhances shelf appeal
  • Makes your product stand apart from the competition
  • Features engaging graphics and messaging that encourage consumers to reach for your brand
  • Provides the best quality + speedy delivery for your short-run projects

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Our Team

At Flexible Pack, we have a team of in-house designers who are experts in graphic design and digital printing. They can help you design your beer label and think about different ways to include variable data in your project. With over 7,000 breweries in the United States, the beer industry is extremely competitive. Stand out from the rest by teaming with one of our designers to have each of your labels be a little different!

Flexible Pack is ready to help you with shrink sleeves for your brewery! Contact us today to get started on your project!