The ONE key to power-up your brand - and increase sales.

With robust printing technology in your corner, your brand can be powerful & persuasive.

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When you team with Flexible Pack, you have the most innovative, capable press in your corner: the HP Indigo presses. This powerhouse printing technology offers a massive amount of flexibility for brand managers, ensuring your brand is powerful and persuasive. And powerful brands sell!


In fact, successful brands around the world – Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Nestle, P&G, and more – rely on the HP Indigo digital press for its print quality and versatility to respond to market challenges and stay competitive. Our state-of-the-art HP Indigo press is specifically designed to print flexible packaging, shrink sleeve applications, and plastic labels.

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Your package MUST catch the consumer’s eye.

 Here are 4 ways Flexible Pack’s HP Indigo press will help you elevate your impact and lead the pack.

1. Change it up with Mosaic, a world of exciting options!

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As they say, “Life’s short, eat dessert first.” So let’s start with our most exciting, mind-blowing design/print capability – Mosaic: The Unlimited Design Generator. Here’s how it works: Variable design software (HP’s SmartStream Designer) manipulates ONE “seed” design into MANY variations to create an unlimited set of related graphics. This means each package is a one-of-a-kind original.

Think of the possibilities for your brand!


2. Need short-run or long-run? Our HP Indigo works fast ’n’ furious for you.

Do you need long-run flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, or labels – or a short-run project with a fast-turnaround? Either way, we’ve got you covered. What’s more, our in-house design team offers expertise in printing on plastic and tons of experience creating winning designs. We’ll work with you to develop your next big hit.

3. Get amazing print quality, with colors that outshine the competition.

One of our favorite phrases is “lead the pack.” Why? Because your brand must outshine competitive products, so consumers reach for YOUR product. That’s how you power-up your brand. That’s how you increase sales. That’s how you lead the pack.


With our leading-edge HP Indigo press, you get unparalleled printing quality, thanks to enhanced color capabilities that deliver an unlimited number of vibrant colors. The HP Indigo’s breakthrough ink technology is the only digital color printing process that matches gravure printing. The exceptionally high resolution and perfect registration makes your product stand out head-and-shoulders above the rest.

 4. Choose from a vast array of packaging and custom label solutions.

Your product may require specific package features (for example, a spout). Meanwhile, your consumers may prefer specific package characteristics (for example, a clear window). No worries, we can do it!


Plus, you can request:

  • Variable data, e.g., bar codes, and “use by” dates
  • Different versions of your package (different colors, designs and messaging)
  • The exciting new link technology for invisible QR codes


Thanks to our powerhouse HP Indigo digital press, you can take advantage of an amazing amount of flexibility and choose from a wide variety of possibilities:

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Flexible Pack’s powerful printing technology will power-up your brand!



Team with us, and you’ll have a powerhouse printing technology in your corner. Your brand can be powerful and persuasive – and you’ll lead the pack.

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