We Have More Sustainable Capabilities!


Do you want your product container to be recyclable and environmentally friendly but at a great cost? Now you can with Flexible Pack!

We are proud to announce that we now offer a more sustainable way of packaging that maximizes recyclability.

FLEXcon’s optiFLEX® ecoFOCUS™ with V-52RE wash-off adhesive enables the recyclability of PET containers to make your product eco-friendly!

We know that for many customers, keeping our planet clean is a top priority! We want to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserve our natural resources, and prevent pollution from non-recyclable products.

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optiFLEX® ecoFOCUS™ materials maintain beautifully printed graphics and designs with vibrant colors. They are available in white, clear, and silver BOPP films with one of the most printable topcoats combined with the new V-52RE wash-off adhesive for PET recyclability.

This sustainable packaging is ideal for any and all industries including, but not limited to, food and beverage, health and beauty, and household cleaning product labeling.

Here are some benefits of FLEXcon’s optiFLEX® ecoFOCUS™ material for your product:

  • Recyclability: Now your PET container can be 100% recyclable! V-52RE adhesive separates from the PET flake during the recycling process, which allows the rPET to be collected
  • Excellent Print Quality: Your product’s graphics will come out looking high quality, vibrant, and durable
  • Excellent Adhesion: V-52RE adhesive has above and beyond adhesion to PET containers with a minimum application temperature of 20°F/-6.6°C.

We are ready to meet your demands for more sustainable packaging options! Contact us today to get started on your “Green” Project!

Learn More about how optiFLEX® ecoFOCUS™ materials work!