How to Make Your Beer Label Stand Out

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You can make the best tasting beer in the world, but if the label does not catch the consumer’s eye, then it won’t stand out on the shelf. With over 7,000 breweries in the United States, the beer industry is extremely competitive. When a consumer walks past the craft beer aisle, you only have a fraction of a second to catch their attention. Label design and branding are of utmost importance when competing with other breweries. That is why you should work with a printer, like Flexible Pack, because we print high quality and durable labels and we also have a team of 10 in-house designers who will make your brand stand out.

A few ways to make your label stand out:



beer label, printing, manufacturing, craft beer

A pop of color on a beer can is one of the first things a consumer notices on a label. Add accent colors such as pink and yellow or a dark background and a colorful logo. Colors are a powerful way to evoke feelings or memories. The color on the outside prepares the customers for what they will consume on the inside.


Label Shape and Size

Label shapes fall into three categories: partial wrap, full wrap, and custom shape. Partial wrap is when the label does not go around the whole can while full wrap, like it sounds, goes around the whole can. Custom shape is a fun way to make your beer label stand out. Going the non-traditional label route may be a bit more expensive, though it could really make your label stand out compared to your competitors.


A breweries label font says a lot about its brand. For example, a classic Serif font says that a brewery is more traditional while an Avenir font comes across as more rustic. When choosing your beer label font, it is important to know what message you would like to express to your consumers.


When looking at beer labels, the colors, shape, and font are not the only important aspects to make a beer can stand out. Beer labels have become a form of art and a way for a brand to express itself. Whether it be cartoon style drawings or realistic, the art can really make a can pop!


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Flexible Pack offers our customers a variety of materials and finishing options to choose from for their beer labels. Depending on what your goals are for your beer we can offer you many different looks. The materials include clear, white, metallic BoPP, and paper liner. Although, the poly liners are more commonly used since the paper liner does not perform well when the can is wet. Finishing options, we offer include glossy and matte laminate. We also have a holographic material as shown in the image to the right that makes sure that you will stand apart from your competitors. If you are unsure of which material to choose from, please contact us and we would be more than happy to send you free samples!


Give consumers a glimpse of what your beverage tastes like. Or give them the story about how your company became to be. After a consumer picks up your can, they immediately go to the content on the side. Does the company describe what the beer tastes like, the notes, or what it pairs with? Reading about the drink or the brand will help consumers decide whether they want to purchase your beverage or not. Flexible Pack also offers interactive experiences such as visible and invisible watermarks.

A visible watermark is a QR Code that customers are able to scan with their smartphones to bring them to a website, video, or any other experience the customer wishes. The Invisible Watermark is embedded in the label by two transparent ElectroInks that are only visible under UV light glowing yellow and blue respectively or black light lamp/LED. These inks are suitable for companies who want to protect their brand, allowing them to offer invisible text, codes, or shapes. This also ensures the authenticity of the product.


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What Types of Labels?

At Flexible Pack we can offer pressure-sensitive labels or shrink sleeves for your beer can. Pressure-sensitive labels use pressure instead of a solvent or heat to stick to the can. The high-quality labels are easy to apply and stick to the can with ease.

Shrink sleeves use heat to perfectly hug the can. It allows more real estate to visually represent your brand and fit all the necessary information. If you have to apply the labels to the can by hand, we recommend ordering pressure-sensitive labels since you can apply them directly on the can. The shrink sleeves require a heat tunnel and some expertise in this application. Contact us and we will walk you through all your options based on your needs.

Flexible Pack is ready to be your printer for your beer labels. We will take your brand to the next level with our advanced technology, our durable materials, and our passionate team ready to help every step of the way. Contact us today to get samples!


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