Best Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

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The cannabis industry is rapidly growing. In New England alone there are close to 400 cannabis retailers which makes it very competitive to stand out from others. The only way to stand out is to have the best packaging.

Here are a few ways to make your cannabis packaging stand out through good visual identity:
  • Color

A pop of color on the label, pouch, or shrink sleeve is one of the first things a consumer notices on the packaging. Add accent colors such as pink and yellow or dark background and a colorful logo. Colors are a powerful way to evoke feelings or memories. The color on the outside prepares the customers for what they will consume on the inside.


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Custom shape is a fun way to make your package stand out. Going the non-traditional label route may be a bit more expensive, though it could really make your label stand out compared to your competitors. Do you have an oddly shaped product? Add a shrink sleeve! It will allow the label to hug the product and gives more real estate on the product.


  • Font

A product label font says a lot about its brand. For example, a classic Serif font says that a company is more traditional while an Avenir font comes across as more rustic. When choosing your product label/packaging font, it is important to know what message you would like to express to your consumers.


  • ImageryAdd a little bit of body text (5)

When looking at the packaging, the colors, shape, and font are not the only important aspects to make your product can stand out. Labels and packages have become a form of art and a way for a brand to express itself. Whether it be cartoon-style drawings or realistic, the art can really make a product pop!


  • Material

Flexible Pack offers our customers a variety of materials and finishing options to choose from for their product packaging and labels. Depending on what your goals are for your product packaging/label we can offer you many different looks. The materials for labels include clear, white, metallic BOPP, and paper liner. Finishing options, we offer include glossy and matte laminate. We also have a holographic material as shown in the image to the right that makes sure that you will stand apart from your competitors. If you are unsure of which material to choose from, please contact us and we would be more than happy to send you free samples!


  • Content

Give consumers a glimpse of what your product is like. Or give them the story about how your company became to be. After a consumer picks up your product, they immediately go to the content on the side. Flexible Pack also offers interactive experiences such as visible and invisible watermarks.

A visible watermark is a QR Code that customers can scan with their smartphones to bring them to a website, video, or any other experience the customer wishes. The Invisible Watermark is embedded in the label by two transparent ElectroInks that are only visible under UV light glowing yellow and blue respectively or blacklight lamp/LED. These inks are suitable for companies who want to protect their brand, allowing them to offer invisible text, codes, or shapes. This also ensures the authenticity of the product.

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