Best Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing. In New England alone there are close to 400 cannabis retailers which makes it very competitive to stand out from others. The only way to stand out is to have the best packaging.

Craft Brew Packaging Tips!

In an industry experiencing explosive growth, how does your craft brew stand out? Taste! Yes, that’s the obvious answer but consumers will only take a swig if you catch their eye, so the rest of the answer is packaging. When it comes to choosing the label printer for your craft beer bottles and cans, there are a few factors to consider.

Medical Packaging Needs - Fast!

During this time of uncertainty, we are choosing to find the positive. One of the ways we’re doing that here at Flexible Pack is through helping others. There are numerous unanswered questions with respect to the recent outbreak of the virus and how it impacts our families, our communities and of course, our businesses.

Brewer Collaborative Program

At Flexible Pack we recognize the collaborative spirit of the craft brewing community. We understand that an important part of the success of small brewers is to receive durable, eye catching labels with quick turnaround times, and to that end we are thrilled to introduce our Craft Brewers Collaborative program! 

What is a Seamer?

There is no debate; packaging is the primary differentiator among brands. The Flexible Packaging Industry and specifically, Shrink Sleeves are one of the fastest growing packaging sectors. Shrink sleeve packaging is everywhere today.

6 Innovative, Sustainable, Food Packaging Design Ideas to Inspire Your Brand

When you’re continuously looking for ways to be more sustainable, it’s easy to lose your creative edge. It’s like writer’s block, but for sustainability innovation. It’s what has kept so many vehicles running on gasoline and shaped our cities into concrete structures, deserts of plant life. However, this blog post is here to help.

How to Integrate Sustainability into Your Trendy Cosmetic Packaging

What was it that made you start thinking more sustainable? Is it the non-stop fires scorching California? Or maybe it's the videos of layers of plastic and garbage that scuba divers have been jumping through? Is it the images of seabirds, turtles, and whales opened up with their stomachs full of twisted plastic? Source:

Does Your Cannabis Package Meet Design Regulation Standards?

Specific cannabis product package regulations and a customized packaging design solution. There are two types of people in the world: those who eat cereal from boxes and those who go for their box-less counterparts.