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In an industry experiencing explosive growth, how does your craft brew stand out? Taste! Yes, that’s the obvious answer but consumers will only take a swig if you catch their eye, so the rest of the answer is packaging. When it comes to choosing the label printer for your craft beer bottles and cans, there are a few factors to consider. Most importantly, the label must reflect the quality and taste of the beer inside. In such a competitive landscape we’ve pulled together our top 6 tips to help your brand gain attention!


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  1.    Bulk Pricing - Most any product consumers purchase offers a discount for large quantities. Flexible Pack’s craft beer labels and shrink sleeves are no exception. When you purchase in large quantities you can save on prep charges and setting up printing equipment. That segues right into tip #2!

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  2.    The Brewer’s Collaborative Program - Flexible Pack understands the collaborative spirit of the craft brewing community, particularly given these times of uncertainty. The program celebrates the craft brewing community and provides brewers an opportunity to combine label orders. This creates a win-win with both a better price point and fast delivery! After all, you need a superior label for your superior brew! The program is simple. Small orders can be combined among more than one brewery or, one brewer can group multiple versions together to hit the minimum quantity order. For more information on this program please
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  3.    Less is more… that’s right, minimalist beer labels must be eye catching and attractive but should never overshadow what’s inside. Research shows that clean, sleek designs tend to grab the drinker’s attention. Moreover, we recommend listing flavor profiles instead of specific ingredients. That way, if you’re unable to get the exact same ingredients for a future batch, your labels will still be applicable and that is smart because it’s economical!



  4.    Take advantage of the latest in digital printing technology. In the “battle of the shelf,” who would guess that printing equipment – the 6800 HP Indigo digital press, to be exact – would be your best weapon? Well, take your battle station and buckle in. This breakthrough technology offers exceptionally vibrant color, which directly translates to shelf appeal. Plus, this new digital printing press reduces the need for setup time, so you get light-speed turnaround on short and long runs.



  5.    Don’t underestimate the appeal of shrink sleeves. Labels are a fantastic choice for your craft brew but they’re not your only option. With 360-degree graphics, shrink sleeves offer more “real estate” to grab attention and enhance shelf appeal. This practical packaging solution for beer cans and beer bottles is vibrant, engaging, and offers plenty of room to tell your brand story.


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  6.    Mosaic technology - Hold on tight to your pint! Here’s a crazy, amazing way to let your creative juices flow – and dazzle consumers! With Mosaic: The Unlimited Design Generator you get a 100% unique design on every single beer can label, beer bottle label, hang tag, keg collar, keg wrap, and shrink sleeve. Here’s how it works: Select or create one “seed” design. We’ll convert your initial design into an unlimited number of different designs. Every version is created from that “seed” – you can get thousands of designs and each one is unique! Remember, consumers love to collect one-of-a-kind items, especially if it’s their favorite libation!

Contact us to see how our innovative craft beer packaging solutions can help to sell your innovative beer products. We work with microbreweries and macro breweries on any size run, small or large (including quick-turn projects) to create an eye-catching design and compelling package. Together, let’s promote YOUR brand story!


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