Brewer Collaborative Program

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At Flexible Pack we recognize the collaborative spirit of the craft brewing community. We understand that an important part of the success of small brewers is to receive durable, eye catching labels with quick turnaround times, and to that end we are thrilled to introduce our Craft Brewers Collaborative program! 

When we set out to put this idea into action, we had two main goals in mind.  First and foremost, to recognize and celebrate the growing craft brewing community.  Secondly, we wanted to afford these smaller brewers the opportunity to combine their label orders with other brewers.  This creates a win-win situation with a better price point and fast delivery while receiving a superior product!

The way the program works is quite simple.  Flexible Pack requires a minimum quantity order of 1,000 labels per customer, this can be achieved by grouping multiple label versions together to hit the minimum quantity. This number can be achieved in a couple of ways. Firstly, by combining orders since Craft Breweries are smaller and often do not require 1,000 pieces.  The next option would be for a brewer to group multiple label versions together to hit the minimum quantity.  

Next, the brewer will partner with our experts to select from Flexible Pack’s standard stock sizes and finishes as listed below:

  • Size:  12oz: 3.75”x8” 
  • Size:  16oz: 5”x8” 
  • Finish: White BOPP with Matte BOPP overlaminate
  • Finish: White BOPP with Gloss BOPP overlaminate

Clients then place the order(s) and send art files to our office by 2pm EST on Mondays.  We will provide the PDF proof for approval back no later than 4pm on Wednesday of the same week. Next brewers will leave the rest to us.  Flexible Pack will go to work printing and producing the orders which will ship out by the following Monday! 

** Orders received after 2pm on Monday will be produced on the follow week’s production schedule

We are truly excited to partner with you in this endeavor!  

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Craft Breweries 

The Brewers Association defines a “Craft” Brewery as one that fulfills the following criteria:

  • It produces 6 million barrels of beer or less annually.
  • It is independently owned.  Less than twenty-five percent of the craft brewery is owned or controlled by a beverage alcohol industry member that is not itself a craft brewer.  
  • The brewer has applied for and received a TTB Brewer’s Notice.

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  1. Craft beer made up for 24%of the total US beer sales market in 2018.
  2. Retail craft beer sales hit $27.6B in 2018, up 7% from the previous year. 
  3. Craft beer sales by volume were up 3.9% in the 2018, while overall beer sales were slightly down by 0.8%.
  4. Craft beer sales by volume made up 13.2% of the overall beer marketplace share.
  5. The leading craft-beer brand in 2018 did $338M in sales.
  6. The most popular craft-beer type in the US is the IPA.


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Other Facts as reported by the Brewers Association

Currently, craft beer sales equal twenty-four percent of the total $114-billion beer market in the United States. 

Within the last decade, the 200-year-old brewery industry has sextupled its establishments and more than doubled its workforce, many of which are dedicated craft breweries.  

In terms of state rankings, Vermont ranks first with 13.5 breweries per Capita.  Montana is second with 11.4 breweries per Capita and coming in at a close third is the state of Maine with 11.3 breweries per Capita.

California has the most craft breweries of any state at 841 and produces 3,421,295 barrels per year.  Colorado ranks second with 396 craft breweries. The state of Colorado puts out 1,522,834 barrels per year.

The 50 fastest growing breweries delivered ten percent of craft brewer growth in 2019. Craft brewers provided more than 150,000 jobs, an increase of 11 percent over 2017. “Craft maintained a fairly stable growth rate in 2018 and continued to gain share in the beer market,” said Bart Watson, chief economist, of the Brewers Association.

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