Pressure-Sensitive Labels

When you are shopping at your local grocery store and looking at a product label, there is a strong chance that it is a pressure-sensitive label. This highly versatile label solution is seen on products in all types of industries including food, beverage, health, beauty, home, garden, nutraceutical, medical, and more!

What Your Clients are Hungry For!

Never underestimate the power of an effective design – they take hard work to achieve but produce amazing results! Each color and shape take careful consideration before it can be prominently displayed as a graphic to intrigue the masses. Once the audience is captivated and the product consumed, word of mouth will take care of the rest. This is also made easy to your consumer when the package is memorable and straight forward enough to describe to others. This process of creating a custom packing design is imperative for any new project. Regardless of how effective, delicious, or nutritious your newest line item is, most consumers won’t bat an eye towards it if the outer shell doesn’t appeal to them.

We Have More Sustainable Capabilities!

Do you want your product container to be recyclable and environmentally friendly but at a great cost? Now you can with Flexible Pack!

Employee Spotlight: Nicole Andre

We're pleased to feature Nicole Andre in this edition of Flexible Pack's Employee Spotlight. We had the pleasure of sitting down with her recently. It was great diving in to learn more about Nicole both professionally and personally. 

Employee Spotlight: Brendan Van Voris

We're pleased to feature Brendan Van Voris in Flexible Pack's very first Employee Spotlight. During the interview we had the opportunity to hear all about Brendan's baby daughter, Luna. 

Pet Food, Flexible Packaging, and FDA Changes - What You Need to Know

Flexible packaging has helped revolutionize how products are sold – and pet food is no exception. From being easier to seal and store to grabbing consumers' attention, flexible packaging can help give your pet food business an edge over the competition. 

Craft Brew Packaging Tips!

In an industry experiencing explosive growth, how does your craft brew stand out? Taste! Yes, that’s the obvious answer but consumers will only take a swig if you catch their eye, so the rest of the answer is packaging. When it comes to choosing the label printer for your craft beer bottles and cans, there are a few factors to consider.

Medical Packaging Needs - Fast!

During this time of uncertainty, we are choosing to find the positive. One of the ways we’re doing that here at Flexible Pack is through helping others. There are numerous unanswered questions with respect to the recent outbreak of the virus and how it impacts our families, our communities and of course, our businesses.

Brewer Collaborative Program

At Flexible Pack we recognize the collaborative spirit of the craft brewing community. We understand that an important part of the success of small brewers is to receive durable, eye catching labels with quick turnaround times, and to that end we are thrilled to introduce our Craft Brewers Collaborative program! 

What is a Seamer?

There is no debate; packaging is the primary differentiator among brands. The Flexible Packaging Industry and specifically, Shrink Sleeves are one of the fastest growing packaging sectors. Shrink sleeve packaging is everywhere today.