We Print MORE than Just Beer Labels for Breweries

At Flexible Pack, we lead the pack when it comes to printing for the brewery industry! We have quick turnaround times, high-performing graphic solutions, and a team that is fully dedicated to making sure your beer labels are absolutely PERFECT! Although, what most breweries didn’t know is that we have extensive capabilities to print more than beer labels!

Working in the Printing Industry During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, our company was challenged in more ways than one to remain physically safe from Covid-19 while still maintaining the same exceptional products and customer service. In this blog, we will talk about some of the Pros and Cons of working in the Printing industry during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Benefits of Digital Printing with Flexible Pack

As the supply chain around the world has been at a halt, it gets customers thinking, what can we do to reduce lead times to get our printed products? The answer is to switch to digital printing.

Have you Considered Clear BOPP for your Beer Can?

Are you a new brewery looking into different materials for your beer label? Or have you ordered from Flexible Pack before but want to try a new label material? Flexible Pack can help! In terms of pressure-sensitive labels, you can choose from White BOPP, Silver BOPP, or Clear BOPP.

Beer Events this May in New England

As the weather is starting to improve, the beer events are increasing! Check out some of the Beer events going on this May! They are a way to go out with your friends and enjoy new beers! Flexible Pack prints the labels at a few of these breweries including Mighty Squirrel, Lord Hobo, and Mayflower Brewing so make sure to check them out!

Have You Considered Shrink Sleeves for Your Beer Can?

When you walk into a liquor store and go towards the craft beer section, you usually see an array of beer cans with colorful labels. Then you think to yourself, which new beer am I going to try today? You keep looking, pick up a can, then look at the label for any content that can tell you about the brand and the taste of the beer. That label with the content is what is going to help you decide what beer you choose. So as a brewery why not try a shrink sleeve that has more real estate on the can than an average label?

Variable Data for your Beer Label

Do you want your customers to have a different experience than their friends while still drinking the same beer? Now you can with Variable Data!

Best Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing. In New England alone there are close to 400 cannabis retailers which makes it very competitive to stand out from others. The only way to stand out is to have the best packaging.

How to Make Your Beer Label Stand Out

You can make the best tasting beer in the world, but if the label does not catch the consumer’s eye, then it won’t stand out on the shelf. With over 7,000 breweries in the United States, the beer industry is extremely competitive. When a consumer walks past the craft beer aisle, you only have a fraction of a second to catch their attention. Label design and branding are of utmost importance when competing with other breweries. That is why you should work with a printer, like Flexible Pack, because we print high quality and durable labels and we also have a team of 10 in-house designers who will make your brand stand out.

How to Authenticate Your Product

Acts of counterfeit and fraud have unfortunately become prevalent in the United States, particularly around food and beverage. You might ask why are counterfeit food and beverage such a big business? Well, simply because food and beverage IS a big business. The large number of annual sales makes this particular industry an attractive target to criminals. With household budgets under pressure, many buyers are looking for cheaper alternatives without compromising the quality. Brand owners need to be able to fight the fakes, while proving authenticity and legitimacy of their products.