How to Integrate Sustainability into Your Trendy Cosmetic Packaging

What was it that made you start thinking more sustainable? Is it the non-stop fires scorching California? Or maybe it's the videos of layers of plastic and garbage that scuba divers have been jumping through? Is it the images of seabirds, turtles, and whales opened up with their stomachs full of twisted plastic? Source:

4 Reasons Shrink Sleeves Are Just What Your Seasonal Craft Beer Needs

Shrink sleeves have grown in popularity in recent years. There are several reasons that shrink sleeves are a great choice for your seasonal craft beer as well:

Does Your Cannabis Package Meet Design Regulation Standards?

Specific cannabis product package regulations and a customized packaging design solution. There are two types of people in the world: those who eat cereal from boxes and those who go for their box-less counterparts.

How can you make your Craft Brew stand out?

The answer is in the packaging..with Custom Labels and Shrink Sleeves!  Design by GrayMatter Labels Printed by Flexible Pack Craft breweries have become increasingly popular in recent years. Consumers love the fact that they can try out a variety of flavors and find a new favorite brew that’s unlike anything they can find at their local store.

Packaging it up: Using your design to appeal and break traditional standards

Today, there are enough wine options to satisfy almost every American. That is a lot of Vino! 

Flexible packaging & sustainability: the facts may surprise you!

 Is your current package environmentally sustainable? Would Mother Nature approve?

The ONE key to power-up your brand - and increase sales.

With robust printing technology in your corner, your brand can be powerful & persuasive.

Let’s get crazy! Thinking outside the box will improve shelf appeal for your craft beer.

How can you sell more brew? The unlimited capabilities of digital printing can improve your brewery’s presence in a competitive market.

What does it mean to “lead the pack”? You gain customers and beat the competition.

Here at Flexible Pack, we share your goal to attract consumers, beat the competition, and win at the shelf. In fact, 3 little words sum it up nicely: Lead the Pack™

Flexible packaging and cannabis products: A match made in heaven

Flowers, tablets, pre-rolled cones, topicals, edibles, gummies, mints, drops, concentrations, extracts, and tinctures. No matter which type of cannabis product you’re bringing to market, flexible packaging is an important part of the equation. A flexible package will preserve your product’s freshness and potency. Plus, a vibrant, stand-out design ensures you grab the consumer’s attention.