4 Reasons Shrink Sleeves Are Just What Your Seasonal Craft Beer Needs

Shrink sleeves have grown in popularity in recent years. There are several reasons that shrink sleeves are a great choice for your seasonal craft beer as well:Flexible Pack_Craft-Beer-Bottles_Shrink Sleeves_Blog

  • Shrink sleeves work well with various materials, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, or aluminum cans.
  • Containers that have unique shapes and special labels still work with shrink sleeves without much difficulty.
  • Shrink sleeves offer 360-degree graphics, which gives you more space to boost your brand.
  • Shrink sleeves offer practical packaging solutions with a labeling solution that is vibrant, engaging, and fun to enhance appearance and shelf appeal.

1. Shrink Sleeves Work with Different Materials

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While shrink sleeves work great with glass bottles, they're also perfect for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. So, whatever way you choose to package your seasonal craft beer, you'll have the perfect labeling solution. It offers a sustainable beer packaging design that's also creative and attractive.

Shrink sleeves allow you to create creative beer packaging that stands out and reflects the individuality of your craft beer. It also allows you to market your brand more interestingly and intriguingly that will stay in the minds of the consumers. You'll be able to stand out and stay memorable with your own uniquely designed shrink sleeve that adds to your seasonal craft beer’s personality and boosts brand recognition.

2. Shrink Sleeves Work with Different ShapesFlexible Pack_breweries_craft can_shrink sleeves blog

We understand not all bottles, containers, or cans have the same old shapes in this modern day and age. Wanting to step outside the box and look different is a great way to make your product step outside the standard as well. Even containers that have unusual shapes, such as a square bottle or taller, thinner can be excellent options for shrink sleeves.

The shrink sleeves will give you more surface to promote your brand, display your logo and product features.  When you use shrink sleeves on your seasonal craft beer, it will make your product look even more unique and enticing than it already does. Regardless of whether you use a traditional bottle, a bottle shaped like an apple, or a can with a square shape, you can benefit from the use of attractive, high-quality shrink sleeves.

3. Shrink Sleeves Give Your Product Brand Recognition

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When you use shrink sleeves on your cans or bottles, they cover all sides and wrap completely around the container. The entire container can be covered with logos, slogans, or any kind of graphics that you choose to promote your brand. This is extra ad space for you to take advantage of when promoting and marketing your beer. Create a compelling design that tells the story of your brand, while making your seasonal craft beer stand out from the competition.

Shrink sleeves allow you to promote your brand and to add to the shelf appeal. Believe it or not, craft beer packaging trends show that there are people who will try a product just because of the appearance of the bottle or can on the shelf. If your seasonal craft beer is all decked out in an attractive shrink sleeve, you're much more likely to sell more of your product.

4. Shrink Sleeves Give Your Product Shelf Appeal

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The flexibility of shrink sleeves and how they fit on containers of all sizes, makes for a great solution to your labeling and design needs. 360 degrees of potential advertising real estate, offers more flexibility and design options to promote your brand and product. Adding to the appearance, they'll get the attention of some consumers who otherwise may not have noticed your product.

Shrink sleeves have become a craft beer packaging trend because of their ability to incorporate multiple colors, various graphics and designs. Uninterrupted design wraps completely around the product, giving it a consistent and attractive appearance, which is one of the reasons why they're the best choice for new brews on the shelf. The market has become highly competitive with an increased number of products to choose from, so be sure that your design and label stands out from the competition and can win at the shelf

The Roundup

When it comes to cool beer packaging options, shrink sleeves are the perfect solution for containers of any size or shape. Check out our website to learn more about the shrink sleeve options for your seasonal craft beer products. If your design is ready to go or in the beginning stages - contact us today to get started and lead the pack!

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